The Bishop gets groovy

>>  Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This weeks Gallery is Education

There is often nothing more boring to children than church and RE.  Suggest they go to church, especially High Church services, and you see their eyes roll, in fact I can see your eyes rolling now. 
So how to teach children about why we do what we do, what all that crossing means, when it matters when to be quiet when it's ok to stand and shout...the only way to teach a child a lesson they will truly remember is by making it fun.

You can't take yourself too seriously if you want them to remember it.  Even the Bishop knows that the way to teach a child is via the fun gland.

If anywhere had the right to be be sober, boring and take itself too seriously it would be the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham.  What makes them so cool is that they don't, they know what really matters and last weekend it was the children's relationship with Jesus.

I know I promised you Priests dancing with the Nuns, they did too, but I give you the Bishop getting groovy which has to be worth 10 Priests!

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