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>>  Friday, March 25, 2011

The bathroom debacle is slowly moving onwards, Mr Plumber has finally stopped knocking me up, and the decorating is in my hands.

I bought paint, sort of a greyee bluee affair but changed my mind as soon as I got home, like you do.  I was in B&Q at 8am yesterday morning, prework, changing it. 

Daughter has been nagging me about painting it the same colour as her bedroom, she said it would be the perfect.  But I want something different.  Coloured rooms the same colour somehow seems a bit naff.

I chose an altogether more 'under the sea' affair, and got the first coat on in my lunch hour (working from home is the best thing ever sometimes).

The more I looked at the walls the more familiar it felt. I tootled out to the garage to check the cans of leftovers.  Yep, you guessed it, it's the same colour as daughter's room.  So I now have 2 half full cans of Ocean Ripple in the garage.

(If you're wondering where the eye candy comes in stay with me!)
I can't face a weekend of nagging HWMBO to put up the fittings so I've treated myself to a man who can this morning.  As an aside, he used to live opposite me and mow the front lawn in remarkably tight shorts, and just for once he is the sort of guy who definitely should do that.

Wonder if he does ironing?...

I love hopping around the blogosphere in hunt of pictures, sometimes you find really interesting blogs. I liked this one.

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