S'not Art - Tate Modern

>>  Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ok, maybe it's not snot but you had to look!

Today I went to the Tate Modern, it was interesting.  There are some fantastic paintings but my word, some artists are not in my ball park (I'm being polite there, a taxi driver said to me:  if it looks like c.r.a.p. and it smells like c.r.a.p they why not call it c.r.a.p).

Do you see the small metal truck at about 8 o'clock, that is a goat, apparently.  Yes, I did say goat.  They obviously ran out of stuffed goats on the day the artist went to buy one but there was a special on in metal trucks and lumps of bronze that look like poo.

We were slightly more impressed by this.  Yes it is a cot, but the cheese wire at the bottom turns it into something quite sinister. I almost liked this.
And then I stumbled across my ironing pile.  Just the way I left it at home, hidden behind the Venus De Milo (not a good copy as it has 2 arms!)  As the taxi driver said.....
And just before you all shoot me for being a philistine, this is one of the most beautiful paintings I have seen.  It was so sharp and struck me almost as much as The Execution of Lady Jane Grey in the National Gallery.
Some art I like and some art appears to be metal trucks and poo shaped.

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