Child Murderers

>>  Thursday, February 24, 2011

I shocked myself yesterday with my response when I read this.  Colin Hatch, who murdered a 7 year old boy, was murdered himself in prison. My immediate and gut response:


Ouch, that wasn't very Christian or forgiving of me was it.

He choked Sean Williams to death before dumping him in a bin liner.  He smirked as his sentence was read.  The Guardian reported "Detective Superintendent Duncan Macrae, who led the murder inquiry, called Hatch "a frighteningly cunning criminal who had pulled the wool over the eyes of the authorities and would kill again if he was ever released"."

Well the prisoner who killed him has given up any chance of release he had to prevent that happening.  It will be interesting to see the details of this case come out. 

Today, my response to the news shocked myself and then I had the added thought "I wonder if they could put the same prisoner next to Ian Huntley's cell".  Someone had a damn good go at him once too. 

It makes me put my head in my hands to think about how wrong my feelings about this are and also how very very bad these men are.

And let's not forget little Sarah Payne either.  Don't forget Roy Whiting killed her after he had been released from prison early.

I was listening to a very interesting debate about the death penalty on radio 4 on the way home.  I am always sat on the fence of that one, it all seems quite wrong but what these men have done is utterly beyond the pale.

It makes me angry as hell and always reduces me to tears when I think too hard about it.

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