Teen wall art that won't make you cringe

>>  Sunday, February 27, 2011

When I was a teenager I coverted this picture on my bedroom wall, much to my mother's annoyance
If you were of the opposite sex you probably had this one, again to the annoyance of your mother but the pride of your father.

Maybe your mother would have forgiven you if you'd have chosen this one instead.

I decided to preempt the Michael Jackson poster by filling my daughters walls with something we both like.

PhotoBox are now doing canvas prints that do groovy things to your photos and turns them into pictures.  I've been coverting them for a while.

I tend to only use Photobox for photo prints or mugs as in the past I found their site buggy when trying to edit photos for more complicated things.  A few years on and it is better, but not perfect.

The hardest part of ordering the picture was deciding what photo to choose as there is no preview option.  Mix It Up Photo Art uses real artists to transform how your photo looks so they can't show you in advance, you've got to imagine it for yourself.  They promise a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied which was how I finally decided to just go for it.
It did take a while, jiggling with this and that but I am the most indecisive person in the world ever so my guess is normal people (that's you) would be fine.

My daughter is absolutely made up with the result. A proper canvas picture of her with a deep wooden frame that looks like it was painted on.  I am seriously impressed.

I almost went for the Pop Art look instead of splash, having now seen the quality, I'm going to get one of these as well.

Anything to prevent that Justin Bieber picture going onto those walls!!!!!!!!


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