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>>  Friday, October 29, 2010

No not me (for a change!).  At the supermarket today, I watched a large people carrier with blacked out windows park up in the last mother and baby spot.  With a car that big I would have expected hoards to climb out.  Nope!  Just one 30(ish) year old woman.  She jumped out of her car, she looked lovely in a bright pink outfit and gorgeous shoes.  She moved swiftly away towards the trolleys (and me).

"Excuse me, Excuse me"  I chimed happily at her.
She turned and smiled at me.
"You seem to have forgotten your children."
Her face twitched for a second but still she smiled.
"Your children!  You've locked them in your car."
She laughed gayfully and walked on.

I wondered about the harassed mum that was about to pull into the car park with 3 tiddlers all vying for attention as she tried to squeeze the baby seat out of a small gap (as the last mum and baby had gone to selfish parker) and she tried to manoeuvre her brood across a busy car park. 

The car park has an area especially for big or 'special' cars. The parking spaces are as big as the mum and baby parking. The problem? You have to walk a bit further. Poor selfish parker women maybe her gorgeous shoes were pinching today!

I had no sense of guilt what so ever as a 'parked' my trolley against her drivers door. 

I had a hunt around the interweb and found this picture, go have a look at the hall of shame.  It's well worth it.

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