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>>  Friday, September 24, 2010

Many moons ago ( approximately 337) I managed to pass GSCE math with an A. 13 moons later I passed GSCE Advanced maths and went on to Study Math, Further Maths and Physics at A level.

Admittedly I dropped out of A levels and went and got a job but all the same you can't fake passing Maths exams, can you?

Let's roll by the years and I find I can no longer add up or more importantly help my daughter with her homework.

Tonight, it took me the best part of 15 minutes to fathom out that 'as there were 3 blue balls to every 1 red, plus the one on the end, if I want to know how many red balls there were if there were 51 blue blues, I simply had to divide 51 by 3 and add 1' and I'm still not convinced my way of getting to the answer isn't all about the houses!

Only week 3 of high school and I'm struggling! You see, I can't....see numbers that is!

Never have been able to really. They dance on the page. Number relationships I struggle with even now at work. Don't get me started on unions versus inner and and outer joins. The number of times I am told "you've got a Cartesian join there" is quite embarrassing.

I can do code breakers, I love a good logic problem but as soon as I have to work out how many sweets Daphne needs to put into each bag my head goes blank.

Tonight I feel a right numpty and it's made me question my overall intelligence, maybe I am a fraud and actually a right idiot that has just managed to blag it this far.

Ocular Trauma

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