The Grand Final

>>  Saturday, September 25, 2010

Footy has always been important to HWMBO. 

Let me take you to 2002.  For me important because he was taking me to Australia for the first time to meet his family and for him because Collingwood made it to the Grand Final. 

This was a nightmare because the end of the game clashed with our final check in time.  The solution was to book the closest hotel to Heathrow T4 with Skysports 2 (small audience for AFL in the UK) so we could get to check in by the skin of our teeth.  They lost and I spent 13 hours to Singapore with a grumpy man.

It's not just HWMBO, if his friends happen to be in town (well Europe anyway) they have come for the final.  2005 about 7am (time zone issues) I wandered down to my living room to find Australian on hands and knees thumping the floor with his fist.  I guess the game was a close one.

So here we are 2010 and Collingwood are back in the final.  Pies bought and ready to eat.  Hubby getting up at 3:30am for the prematch waffle and I know that the happiness of my whole weekend and probably weeks to come are dependent on this group of guys.  We met a lot of them at the Walkabout in Temple and to be honest I didn't go for them a whole bunch.

I don't understand the importance of it, I've never followed a team and can't understand the way it affects Hubby so much.  Fingers crossed for a win or I'm off out for the rest of the weekend to shop away the blues.

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