Weekend of Sunshine and Exercise

>>  Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Friday evening I moved 1 ton of stones from the front of my house to the bottom of the garden and then went out and did my paper round (I deliver about 150 of the local free community magazine once a month.)

Saturday morning I took the dogs out for a walk, I spotted a path I had never noticed before and went off down it. It was a lovely walk taking me a way I had never been before, through a village with very friendly people. Many talked to me and one gave me water for the dogs. It was around 27C and they were struggling a bit.

Hubby still needed exercising so we went to our local tourist attraction but walked the back way round and missed all the people. Had a cold drink at a bar and walked back. We saw some fish in the canal over 2.5 feet long, they were enormous and lots of them, basking on the surface.

Sunday morning we went off to a large park about 30 minutes drive away and walked 3.5 miles from the main car park to the reservoir and back.

And then I took the dogs out during the lull whilst the rest of the country watched the football. I walked another 3 miles and didn't see a sole, glorious.

A BBQ at dog owners house topped off a wonderful weekend and tonight I am sore from the sun but very happy.

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