Six Generations

>>  Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This weeks Gallery is Motherhood.

I have an overwhelming sense of emotion when I think what motherhood means to me. That incredible bond of deep, unmoving love that a mother will understand. Beyond that I am moved further when I think of the generations of women that have felt the same, no matter what their circumstances.This is my mother who was made to give up her job at the Post Office when she got married and had children, but was paid a dowry. My Grandmother who struggled through the depression, juggled rationing books and held her babies whilst the bombs fell around her. My Great-Grandmother who raised 11 children, blessed with so many babies but had to watch her sons go off to war. My Great-Great Grandmother who saw 3 wars, broken men returning, the children grow and repeat the same.

Myself, full of a glorious love and pride and yet sorrow with how fast time moves, how quickly she grows and still there is a hole desperately wishing for more children.

And my beautiful H. When I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, from the very first her answer has remained steadfast "a mummy".

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