I remember saying 'no'

>>  Friday, June 18, 2010

It's been a hard week, I've not stopped from one appointment to the next. And that's outside of work! Take Wednesday....

Usual pre-school hairdressing, breakfast making.

Pre-work washing loading, bed stripping (always on a Wednesday!) etc

Work and I'm very busy at the moment

H comes home and wants to tell me about day, have tea and generally have attention paid but now I multi-task and work whilst mummying until 5:30

Grab a Sandwich, water veg garden, take call from work

Take daughter to tennis

Start reading document I should have read by tonight

Parents evening at high school H is moving up to to find out about classes for next year

Home, pay sitter and discuss classes with H

Dial into work to start a couple of programs

Go to local pub to join a committee meeting about an initiative happening at church
(I did not volunteer for this committee, I was backed into a corner by the vicar, I definitely told him I could not be involved, did not have time etc - I feel another blog post coming on)

Finally leave meeting with a visiting vicar in tow
(He's staying with me tonight, I said no to this too, I said not on a school/work night, I'm sure I said no)

Vicar goes to bed - finally

Dial into work and completely fail to notice that the program whilst finished had failed


Get up an hour early to lay a breakfast table for visiting vicar and hubby decides to enjoy the fruits of MY labour too

and so the day repeats on Thursday with less vicars but another set of meetings

I don't seem to have time to stop and breathe. Is it this time of year or have I now hit saturation point? I just can't absorb any more...even the dogs have hardly been walked......it's time to say NO MORE

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