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>>  Sunday, June 13, 2010

I read today:

"Guiding and Scouting groups are second only to teachers when it comes to having a positive impact on people's childhoods. A survey commissioned by the Children's Workforce Development Council asked members of the public to say which groups had affected them in the most positive way when they were children. 63% said teachers, next came Guiding and Scouting groups at 20%"

So it's really important I take all this fun I am having much more seriously because people out there have started to notice that we are having a fantastic positive impact on children and actually attaining our purpose :

Girlguiding UK enables girls and young women to develop their potential and to
make a difference to the world.

Whether that is by walking on stilts or being the first to nose push a tomato to the paddling pool, girls and leaders alike having a great time making a difference in the world!

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