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>>  Sunday, May 16, 2010

I recently stumbled over this photo I took from an upstairs window in the summer...what is your first thought?

On seeing the drawing my first thought was "the perspectives very good considering how young the artists were"

My neighbours first thought was "Call the police, it's illegal to chalk on the road." To be fair, she didn't actually call the police, she merely threatened 5 children aged 3-11 with them. The poor little 3 year old must have been terrified.

*Sigh*, my second thoughts were "we live in a cul-de-sac, it rains a lot in the UK, they weren't out robbing today, they were having harmless fun"

The neighbour is usually a lovely lady but quite quite serious about life in general, so we instructed children to simply chalk only on the driveways not in the middle bit and they must always wash away the pictures when finished so the whole street looks ok. So peace reigned. Finding the photo made me sigh again at the sadness of children's innocent play being spoilt and play is the first great step to those life skills....

....Banksy and Julian Beever.


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