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>>  Thursday, May 13, 2010

A while ago I took some of the Sunday school children from the churches in our benefice to Walsingham on pilgrimage. One child looked so familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. As I was reading the health forms and permission forms and I read the parents names, the penny dropped....it was an old boyfriends son.

Unfortunately, during the weekend he had a nasty fall and I phoned the parents to let them know what had happened. It was so very bizarre..'being all grown up'...talking to his dad again. He turned out to be a lovely man, and from all I could see a lovely family too.

Spring forward to my up and coming pack holiday with the brownies. The daughter of another man who was in the same class as (old) boyfriend and me is coming on pack holiday. She is much more like her mum than dad, a sweet little thing and again they are a lovely family.

It all feels so strange though, the boys I went to school with are 'all grown up' and have grown into wonderful men, lovely fathers and husbands.

I look at them and wonder what would have happened if...........it's quite a strange train of thought.

I think that's a nice excuse for you to play Where's Wally*, both me and old-boyfriends son are in this photo but we aren't wearing stripy shirts!

Whilst you are at, spot the Vicar** dancing....

* think it may be Where's Waldo in the USA
**actually I think I can see 4 in this short clip - if you want to see vicars and nuns dancing the Children's pilgrimage is the place to be!!!!

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