Secret Nuclear Bunker

>>  Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kelvedon Hatch, what an interesting day out.

It is the (old) main Government Nuclear Bunker, only decommissioned in 1994. And you can walk all round it, it is set up to show how it was and is equipped still. Communications, beds, offices, plant room. It was amazing to see how out of date the technology all looks (and how much I remember using myself).

It managed to keep H interested for 2 hours without her moaning (major miracle).

There are no interactive doodaas, no special effects, this is not Alton Towers. In fact we found out about it from Bollocks to Alton Towers.

I was frightened to heck about the nuclear threat in my teen years, I think watching Threads did it to me. Going round this bunker only under pinned why we were all so scared.

But the gravity of it washed over H, her major lesson of the day being ...if she does this, she can see her nose !!!!!

I thoroughly recommend a visit (but skip the cafe at the bunker and go to the farm shop down the road for a cuppa!)


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