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>>  Monday, April 05, 2010

Ooook, I have been tagged by Itsmygoodlife for Plastic Joy where I get to say which 5 people from Film or TV I would 'do'. I understand this is in the 'if I had never met you/in my dreams only dear' category.

I have a few issues with this, firstly because haven't got to a wandering eye stage of my marriage, I actually still think my hubby is the man for me and I really fancy him. If I look at a movie man I often find myself thinking 'hmmmm you may have a wash board stomach but I think your ego sucks'. Maybe I'm just too old for wander lust or I'm too picky but I always find a flaw!

My second issue with this is I rarely watch films. When I do they are usually kids films, the double entendres and sub plots have me in tucks!! I never watch TV soaps or 'celeb stuff'. I don't mind a good costume drama or sit-com occassionally. No, it's not a sad life but something has to give in this manic world and I decided my life was no less valuable without Eastenders or I'm a desperate Celeb please watch me skate/eat spiders/be a wan....

Sooo...I have had to expand the criteria to include books and music where I can pull my last few from.

I'm sure I am supposed to list sultry hunks but tough, it's my fantasy. Here we go ...


What a guy... a hero, sensitive, caring father, faithful lover...yep swoon

Max De Winter (Rebecca)

Yes, he's a murderer but there is so much going on, what a complex character and father figure

Zach Braff for his role in the Last Kiss. As Michael, despite completely messing up, he pulls out all the stops to win his wife back...the days on the porch.....ahhhh bless

Dave Grohl, a man with true musical talent and a raw energy. I've blogged about him before. Very pleasant to watch (until he spits...see, there's the flaw!)

Mr Darcy (no, not Colin Firth..Mr Darcy). A faithful lover, complex, deep and determined, utterly imperfect and yet so perfect....well done Jane!

PS I really struggled to find this 5, so I asked hubby if he could come up with a 'list of 5' : "yeah, probably" was his too quick remark...huff!!!!!!!

I tend not to retag these things because I find I am generally at the end of the blog chain but if you pick up on the theme and post yourself, please leave me a comment to let me know because I would be really interested to read your lists.


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