Mr Cadbury and The Down Fall of Lent

>>  Friday, April 02, 2010

You may recall I mentioned I was coming here, and I was wondering whether I would make it through without chocolate.

Well I decided not to be a party pooper! There are times to hold steadfast and times not too. Anyhoo, how much fun would it be for the rest of my group going round a chocolate factory if I was constantly saying "oh, not for me thanks!"

I wasn't soooo bad, I popped the freebie Buttons, Curly Wurly, Dairy Milk, etc into my bag. I bought Caramel bunnies and Old Jamaica for others and a pen for myself! But when I got to the Essence - the warm melted chocolate oozing out of the silver pipes all over the marshmallows, well my resolve melted with the chocolate - see the cup H is holding? That's mine!!!! (she'd already finished hers!).

Still, only 2 more days to that lovely cool glass of wine!


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