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>>  Friday, April 23, 2010

I had to leave my car at a Motorway services for a while today (It was a half way house for a meeting). I knew I would have to pay, but I wasn't expecting to have to pay by phone.

Paying by phone was the only option. What do you do if you don't have a mobile? Some people I know don't - it's almost a point of principle for them!
There is no 'one off' option, you have to set up an account, so they can sell off your credit card details to a fraudster at a much later date.

This turned out to be one of the most frustrating things I have ever encountered.

It took me 7, yes 7, attempts to get it to recognise my credit card number with the phone constantly going from ear to hand whilst stood in the middle of a loud and busy car park. How safe didn't I feel holding iphone and credit card for an extended period?! But the registration number of my car was more difficult:

"press the number on the key pad that displays the letter of the first character of your registration"

pause for thought, phone from ear to hand, press 6, quick back to ear

"for M press 1, for N press 2, for ......"

easy peasy I think and off we go ....easy peasy until you get to the numbers

"for J press 1, for K press 2, for L press 3, for 5 press 4"

my head heard the irritating phone voice but my fingers find it hard to press 4 for 5....off we go again restarting the whole process...I got to the end and confirmed it now had my credit card and registration

"If you wish to park your car press 1"

"You have been charged £8.00"

good that's the cost

"plus a surcharge of £0.30, £8.30 will be charged to your card"

WHAT - where's the 30p come from - it say £8.00 on the sign

That £8.30 bought me 24 hours and I'm getting my money's worth, so I am typing this from the car in Moto at Junction 23a

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