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>>  Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Ryanair has said it will defy the regulations and warned customers it will only reimburse customers their airfare and no additional expenses. It is also to seek compensation from the Government for the closure of airspace........hang on one cotton pick'ng.....

I would like to share AuntieGwens recent flight cost breakdown (this may not be Ryanair but it is indicative).

In addition to the flight charge there is passenger service charge, fuel surcharge, ChargeCode (wtf?!), luggage charge, guaranteed seating surcharge, meal surcharge and don't forget it was Ryanair that wants to introduce the 'pay to pee' charge - presumably they don't plan to refund a penny of these costs but will aim to recover all from the Government (our taxes) so the airline customers get the joyful privilege of paying twice.

I can almost swallow a seating and meal charge but when you are expected to pay extra for the fuel and service - I am wondering what the alternative is?

Could we opt out and have the smarmy stewardess spit at us instead (some people would pay for that)? Can I offer to flap my arms? and why is my fuel surcharge the same as fat boy's when he will cost more than me to transport?

I have avoided 'cheap' airlines for a number of reasons, this only being one. Luckily FamilyMatter's experience with a better class of supplier wasn't the same.

Time for boating holiday this year, I think!

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