The Wrath of Extramarital Sex

>>  Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This weeks Gallery is the 7 deadly sins.

I give you a tenuous link to the Wrath of God...or so an Iranian Cleric claims .... Extra Marital Sex Causes more Earthquakes.

Well I know we all like to big it up a bit but I have to say I could never claim to have been so good at it as to have caused a full on natural disaster.

Maybe a couple in Market Rasen were having one heck of a night getting it on. A number of people claim to have felt the bed moving which must be a good start.

But to turn it on it's head, maybe one comparison to draw would be that gulf between a married couple after a disagreement where the quilt is pulled so tight you could bounce a coin off it and the wind whips down the divide !!!!

But back to a little on the side, maybe a sex toy would be more acceptable than a secondary person, maybe that would provoke only a mild tremor

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