Think of a (swear) word, any word

>>  Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was reading a discussion about the origin of the word fucktard which interested me!

So I reached for the dictionary and started to look up swear here's the shock....there weren't any.

Admittedly, I started off fairly hard no f-word, no c-word...fine! How about a quick w4nk ?.. nope

I head for the introduction, did I buy the Parental Control version? Nope

At this point my daughter walked into the room..."think of a swear word, I'm looking them up in the dictionary"
She looked at me gone out and then laughed.
"Go on, go for it" (silently hoping she doesn't shock me with a baddie)
"shit, after all it's dog poo isn't it must be in there"

okay, I look it bugger either.....finally after much determination I find a bastard.

Now, how are the kids supposed to get a laugh in the classroom if they can't have a giggle over swear words. It's the best lesson, the 'how to use a dictionary, give it a go yourself' one.

So I am thoroughly fed up with the Paperback Oxford English Dictionary, all 120,000 words of it. Apparently, it is 'the world's most trusted, with all the everyday words you'll ever need'.

Well I'm sorry, but when a word that is a so useful as verb, adjective, exclamation, interjection, conjunction and jolly well used in abundance is completely missed off the shelf then I'm off to try the Cambridge or when all else fails Roger's Profanisaurus.

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