>>  Monday, March 08, 2010

How attached do you feel to people in the logs you read? These stories play themselves out, the lives of people we don't know but in some way feel attached to.

I have quietly followed Alcoholic Daze for a while, sometimes I have purposely stopped reading because I found it too hard, often it touched too many raw nerves or things felt a little too close for comfort (there but for the grace of God and all that). But now the reality strikes...behind the templates are real lives, real people and real tragedies.

I have stopped drinking for lent, I am finding it hard, too hard for me not to worry that there was clearly a dependency there that I refused to look in the eye. My husband drinks more than he ought, some of this is cultural but some will also be a dependency. Where is the line between alcoholism and a regular drinker at home?

It's so cheap, so easy and so acceptable and yet things can go so horribly wrong.
All my Prayers for Addy and her family tonight.

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