Not all Landlords are called Riley

>>  Saturday, March 06, 2010

I have a confession to make ....... I'm a landlord.

However in my defense, I make a steady loss every year. By the time I've paid the mortgage, maintenance, tax etc etc the fine line is generally a wedge in my pocket.

I wonder how many tenants think that their landlord is just living it up on their hard earned rent and that any items in the house are just fair game for pilfering. With every tenant change I go in and redecorate and clean. I replace the light bulbs and put toilets rolls in (who wants to get to a house and find no loo roll?!) I believe that if they go into a clean, well kept house then they are more likely to leave it that way too and to be fair most tenants are good in return.

But today I opened the oven door to be greeted by the dirtiest, filthiest, most disgusting thing I have ever seen...the door glass could not be seen, the bottom was caked in yuk but the grill pan...oh my, the grill pan was 3 cm deep in solid, burnt on fat and gunk....euwwwwww

So I rolled up my sleeves and spent a charming day scrubbing away at somebody else's mess. Putting back up airing cupboard shelves that had been taken down (why on earth?!!), fixing the doors back to the built in appliances (again, why on earth?!), cleaning carpets, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...but beyond all...oh that cooker!!!!!!!!!

I am sure the in the life of Riley I should be looking more like Marilyn than Amy!!!!!!!

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