Chocolate IS ...well, everything

>>  Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I went to see a dietitian with a group of fellow exercisers last night. He's a lovely man but quite young with absolutely no concept of what it means to be rushing around after a family in the morning or to be on the edge of menopause with hormones fluctuating like a teenager!

"you should mix your own muesli in the morning, that way you can be sure of the exact balance of oats versus nuts and fruit, if it's premixed the balance is spoilt by settlement."

ahhhh, yes settlement....that's what my husband does in front of the TV of an evening, similar concept to the happy balance is spoilt if I try to stir him up.

"Also, porridge should also always be heated on the stove never in the microwave as we all know how bad the microwave is and it's only an extra 3 minutes to your day"

....all other ladies nod sagely....hmmmm, microwave=1 bowl, stove=more pots to wash up and in those extra 3 minutes I can throw food at the cats and cereal at the family!

"Chocolate craving is a matter of telling your body you don't need it and by not eating it the craving stops." around me this is fighting clearly have never had premenstrual hormones hammering at you whilst the world around you falls apart. Nothing can satisfy craving for chocolate except chocolate. Chocolate is not simply mind over matter it is life and f'ing death...

Did I actually say any of this out loud? Nooooo, I nodded sagely with the others and took copious notes.

But I'm hormonal and into day 14 of my chocolate free lent, my body is screaming out for some of the hard stuff, only Lindt 85% would put this craving to bed, so I suspect much wailing and gnashing of teeth for a while yet!!!!

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