School Gate Fashion Police

>>  Thursday, February 25, 2010

I arrived at the school gates 20 minutes early, a complete failure in my afternoon plan. It was intensely cold, like eat at your skin cold. I was, luckily, wearing my dog walking coat which had in the pocket my dog walking hat (safe for the woods only!).

What the hell! It's too cold to care, on went the hat. As more parents started to arrive I know I looked a complete freak but I was warm. And then my saving grace arrived....

...she was orange, I mean spray tan gone bad orange AND wearing purple tights AND wearing denim hot pants, 6 inch heels and a blouson jacket. And bless her, she stood next to me....

...well, freaks of a feather flock together!!!

Daughter wandered out of school and looked at me "MUUUUUUUUUUUM, you're so embarrassing"
"yes, but look at that" I whispered

She put head in her hands, shook it sadly and sloped off in despair!!!!

Note to Self : must get some normal mummy school gate attire and not stand in the freak show corner!!!!!!!!!

Which is a lovely excuse to bring out my favourite freaky photo!!

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