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>>  Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday night :
"I'm not at work tomorrow dear, I am going to the hairdressers for a colour"
"I'd best remember to notice this time then" (it took him 4 days to notice a new hair-do last time)

Monday Morning:
"You are late getting up, are you working from home today?"
"Noooooo, I'm going to the hairdressers"
"Yes, yes, note to self..must notice..hahahaha" (yes, very amusing dear)

Monday evening:
"The snow was very bad Kettering way today"
"Was it, how do you know?
"The hairdresser told me" (and still not a bloody word about my hair)

Now, I don't for one minute believe he is being awkward....he genuinely isn't even registering. Problem is this morning he woke up next to a brunette, tomorrow morning he will wake up next to a blonde - wonder if he will notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so if he woke up next to Lady Gaga he would notice, but a girl (and hubby!) can dream can't she !!!

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