Forced Independence

>>  Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today I did something I wouldn't normally do, and I did it yesterday too:

I went out and left my daughter in alone. I needed to go the shops, she was moaning about coming, understandably today as she had just spent an hour riding in the rain and it was still pouring down outside! I was gone for about 20 minutes.

She's just old enough to be alone for a while I think, she knows about keeping the door locked etc etc But I only did it because my husband is away; normally only one of us would pop out.

I used to have a friend who went out to work before her fairly young daughter left the house for school and I had wondered about whether it was the right thing to do or not but twice last week I was packing my daughter out rather too early so I could scramble for the motorway.

Is it a bad thing that being a working mum means that my daughter is left to do a very slow walk to school so as not to be too early, or that I regularly shut the office door when work call and leave her to her own devices in the house and ask her to make me a cup of tea whilst she's at it?!

Is it a bad thing that she is being forced to learn independence earlier than I would like? My sensitivity to it is heightened at the moment because I am alone.

In fact I wonder whether it is too early at all and whether I'm just worrying that my baby it growing up? It's ok she's just asked if I will read her a story!!!! She's not quite ready to leave home yet!!


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