It's not fair...resign

>>  Monday, November 30, 2009

What is going on with the world: every time something doesn't quite sit right, the masses (or media) seem to shout RESIGN.

If I happened to be the chairman of BT, I would expect to have broadband regardless of where I lived, I would expect it to be a perk of the job!

Now being the generous sort of lass I am, I would also have tried to put a bit of pressure on to get it in my local community, but lets face it this bloke is unlikely to be living in the centre of a housing estate with Uncle Tom Cobley. So maybe he has concentrated on getting broadband for Uncle Tom Cobley rather than Hooray Henry. In fact Hambleden on google maps seems to show a higher than average ownership of swimming pools and tennis courts.

Lovely quote from Gary Ashworth, who lives in Hambleden "If I was a BT shareholder I'd be upset... I think one can live with it, if it's a level playing field it's not a problem."

My answer is "Mate, if I were a BT shareholder I would be upset if they were investing in cabling up little villages in the sticks where the average inhabitant has enough dosh to buy his way into several other options. One must see that life is rarely a level playing field."


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