Paint out the daemons

>>  Friday, October 09, 2009

Those of you familiar with me will know that my relationship with my M-I-L is not a good one and is slightly less hellish only thanks to the 10,000 miles or so between us.

When she has stayed here, she dominates the house (and her son) and reigns supreme; mainly from her room.

Since the first few stays (that last weeks at a time) that room has annoyed me, it plays on my mind. She has a room in my house, but treats me dreadfully.

I finally took the bull by the horns (or the m-i-l by the crabby soul) and redecorated it and moved my daughter into it. After all it is sunnier, bigger and generally much nicer than the room she was in.

I have redecorated daughters old room and we are back to having a spare room. Not "your mums room" or "grandmas room" but a lovely spare room.

Be gone you horrid daemons!!!


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