Impossible Beds

>>  Sunday, October 11, 2009

My daughter has gone through more beds than any child I know

It started with the cot bed - well that should have lasted

then the first normal bed - just a divan single type with storage draws under
(but the draws didn't hold enough)

then the mid rise bed with oodles of space underneath for large toys
(but she wanted to be in a lower bed)

So the new normal bed - good sized metal draw underneath of casters

Then we were given a very good cabin bed - ("I've always wanted a cabin bed mum!")

So what is my point? If you are thinking about buying beds for your children, please let the first question be "how will I change the sheets?"

As you know I recently moved my daughter into a new room. Previously I could at least stand one end of her current bed to lift the mattress but not anymore. Last sheet change, I gave up and took the whole mattress off the bed, brought it to the floor, put the sheet on and lifted the mattress back onto the bed (yes, that was the easiest option!)

The mid-rise was hard enough, the cabin bed is almost impossible - imagine a really high bed, trying to change that sheet - that's the problem you see - we mums get home and look at the wonderful bedroom utopia we have created for our children and then the sheet changing penny drops!!

Any hints or tips - please feel free to share them!


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