The most Stupid decision ever taken

>>  Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I normally try to be positive on my postings (who wants to read bitching - it's too close to home!)

HOWEVER, today I have to share the ruing of the day I picked the phone up.

March: "I want some work doing at the bottom of my garden, would you come and give me a quote"

I had the work done, I wasn't entirely happy that it was quite what I had in mind but it was ok and then came the letter from the council: I had been reported by neighbours. I was incredibly upset I had no idea the council needed to know. Then marched in the environment agency, a veritable feast of authorities all waiting their turn to threaten me with court action.

The council have been helpful, I know what needs to be done to make them happy and yesterday I started to pay through the nose for someone to fix the job I wish I hadn't had done in the first place.

Guess what it doesn't work, it collapsed, it was rebuilt, it caved in, it was rebuilt, it collapsed, it can't go back to how it was, that just doesn't exist anymore. I am stuck, paying out more and more to fix what I shouldn't have done in the first place. I can't face my garden; it is a cash (and stress) cow. The rain pours, the mud worsens, it looks like a film set from the First World War.

I can't begin to imagine how we dig ourselves out of this hole and the sad thing is, I didn't realise I had dug myself into it. So tomorrow is another day of workmen getting fed up, the bean counter counting more beans. What can I say except "ekky thump"


The wife of bold 11:10 pm  

"ekky thump" ha that's the name of the clown we hired for Mia's birthday! Poor you, and i thought i had problems, we had similar issues with our garage conversion last year (some nosey neighbour being spiteful)and i completely sympathise. Hope tomorrow will bring some luck and you can find a way to put the garden right, things will work themselves out eventually x x xx

PippaD 11:32 pm  

Is it okay if I put a pox on the Neighbours for you?

AGuidingLife 11:58 pm  

pox away, pox away!!!

Ian Newbold 12:38 am  

Good luck with that.

I went through all that when I built my house. Needed a landscaping plan no less, and my eagled eyed neighbours were very quick to note any deviations.

Jen 9:31 am  

ekky thump!

Working Mum 7:27 pm  

Oh heck! I want to know who the miserable neighbours were! What a nightmare for you. Can you do anything legal to annoy them?

AGuidingLife 11:01 pm  

WM: it's none of the lovely neighbours in my road I posted about recently, it's a house that backs down to the gardens. Unfortunately (not) the council noticed whilst inspecting my problem that the neighbours appear to have one of their own (I promise ((and I'm a Guide)) that I didn't lead them to it - they saw it for themselves) so I feel slightly vindicated!!

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