Things I can say and you will have no idea what it means!

>>  Friday, September 04, 2009

The use of 'Ekky Thump' in my last post set me thinking today about things I say that may mean absolutely nothing to someone else:

ehhh Ekky Thump (FFS)
Shees gorra bag on (she's rather unhappy today)
hes as mardy as ell (he's rather unhappy today)
its black oer Bill's mother's (oh I say, look at that dreadful weather coming in)

My husband has no idea what I'm talking about a lot of the time either! Although sometimes things grow as a family. We have home grown terms:

"a gazunder" for a particularly bad joke. This stems from a guide at the Back to Backs in Birmingham explaining the term "gazunder*" over and over in the vague hope we would laugh.

"pretty Avril" for a bad day. Comes from a reference to Avril Lavigne and her music being worse than pretty average. I bet there's loads more, I'll stop havering now though!

*Chamber pot because it 'goes under' the bed


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