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>>  Monday, August 31, 2009

I went to National Gallery for the first time this week. I rather enjoyed it, I like paintings, I know very little about them, can rarely remember the names of the artists etc but I rather like them.

Cog and I went through a few of the rooms probably too fast, we did spend an appropriate amount of time at about 4 paintings which we both really liked but it was enough for us. We went for a drink and I said we would leave as soon we had seen Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

She laughed at me and corrected my pronunciation of Gogh - she's only 10!!!!

We have a copy of the Sunflowers on a wall at home lovingly drawn by H when she was 8 years old, so she knows a lot about it having done* it at school.

We stood amongst a group of about 7 people in front of the painting.

Cog loudly announces "see that upside down one, mine looks exactly the same as that, no actually I think my picture is better; can we go to Hamley's now!"

And within a split second my mobile phone starts to ring (a Dom Jolly moment opportunity), I silenced my phone and with lots of culturally snobbish eyes burning into me I sigh "yep - you're right yours is better - lets go!"

*she seems to have 'done it' or 'not done it' about most things we discuss these days


Working Mum 3:05 pm  

Classic! I'm sure hers is better.

The wife of bold 6:21 pm  

I love art Gallerys too it's a shame most of them are filled with culture vulture snobs and garden centres are suprisingly the same for some strange reason, they're filled with rather older Snobbish people looking down their noses at my brood of girls.

AGuidingLife 10:39 pm  

I've never joined Garden Centres to Art Gallerys but now you come to mention it....remember once getting very put down looks because my daughter was wearing a Belle Dress - presumably Disney does not fit the mold!!!

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