"Blimey! Not sure how I feel about that!"

>>  Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lockerbie: what a dreadful, dreadful night.

Watching this on the news today Lockerbie bomber returns to Libya has left me feeling very confused.

Is this freeing a mass murderer or a time for Compassion? Isn't it difficult to try and reconcile our own desire for justice to release the feelings of anger, despair and bitterness against the peaceful feeling given by forgiveness. But showing compassion is not the same as forgiving and it is most definitely not forgetting.

I hope what has happened today is treated with respect in Libya not glory.

I am pleased that we have shown (or the Scots at least) that our justice system stands independent to world pressures.

More than anything I do hope the right thing has happened because that hard black line between what I knew to be right and wrong seems to be turning into a wider grey block and this grows bigger the older I get.

So often I find myself just scratching my head and thinking "Blimey! Not sure how I feel about that!"


Grumpy Old Ken 9:17 pm  

The older I get the more I realise I know nothing. But the young seem more determined to do thinks to help than us olduns.

Tim Atkinson 9:53 pm  

I'm sure it was the right thing, if only because it's the opposite of anything any terrorists or extremists would consider. So that makes it stand for what we're doing in opposing them, and fighting for our freedoms.

Nota Bene 12:24 am  

To me the man was either a mass muderer who deserves no compassion, or the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice, in which case he shouldn't have been there at all. What makes me most angry is that a week ago he withdrew his appeal, and the government insisted that no decision had been made on his release. That was clearly a lie. A deal had been done. Why do the politicians take us for fools...

Dan 10:26 am  

I too have no idea what to think about this one.

Although the 300 strong welcoming party in Libya was less than tactful

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