>>  Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On the Ferry on the way back from France (4 hour crossing) we sat in a quiet corner near some panoramic windows.

There was a family a little way behind us that had a boy of about 3 years old. He was a sweet little thing that kept coming over to look out of the window and wanted to talk about what he could see. At first the mum looked apologetic but I made the "it's not a problem" smile and she relaxed.

Across the hours he came back and forth, we sang "wheels on the bus" and "jelly wobble" and other songs appropriate to a bumpy ferry ride. We talked about Nemo and what else might live in the sea, we waved at every boat that passed by.

Now to those of you with young tots you will wonder why this is note worthy - well my 10 year old no longer appreciates me singing "wheels on the bus" to her!!!! This was a rare opportunity for me to enjoy a tot that is interested and amused by silly songs, games and talk.

At the end of the journey the mum sent him over to say thank you for playing with him, I thanked the mum for her allowing him to play with me and for her trust.

It is a rare event to see a relaxed parent happy to allow a stranger to talk and play with a young child in this way, of course he never left her line of sight and it was a very public place but all the same it was a wonderful sharing moment of trust and fun and I really appreciated every minute of it.


Stephanie 2:33 am  

You are the women every young Mommy wants to sit next to on the plan! Glad you had a great day.

Coding Mamma (Tasha) 3:33 pm  

Well, if she felt anything like I did on our trip back, she was probably very grateful to have someone else amuse him for a minute! Fortunately, we had grandparents with us, neither of whom were suffering from queasiness.

Working Mum 6:00 pm  

I love people like you! There was a couple behind us in the queue for check-in at the aiport coming home who talked to Izzy the whole time about her holiday and what she'd done. The time passed much more quickly thanks to them.

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