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Maybe my memory isn't what it used to be but I recall being very happy when we got a SatNav. It meant the end of tense car moments where I appeared to have the map upside down trying to explain where to go whilst telling hubby to "keep his eyes on the road if he expected me to read a map" and "anyway why the hell hadn't you planned the route before we left" - ah yes, they were the good old days it seems!

Whilst motoring in France we were permanently led by my archenemy TomTomMan who was often backed up by BBCEnglishAudiNavWomen (and often they were both on at the same time).

Now don't get me wrong, I know that they can take you on an easy route almost all the way to where we needed to go but when it gets to the finer details why does hubby choose TomTomMan over me?!

"The sign says turn left for the beach honey"
"why did you go straight on?"
"yes I know the TomTom is often right but why would the council put up an enormous sign saying THE BEACH if it wasn't that way?"
"oh dead end, looks like you need to turn around, shall we go the way the sign says?"
"yes I know the TomTom has reprogrammed itself quickly but the sign says..."
"ahh you want to try this way...shall we...ahhhhh another dead end...could we try the way the sign says....FINE...OK....I will be it your way"
"ahhhh that's the way the sign said....yes I know I said I'd be quiet but you're already in a bad mood so I may as well voice the glory!"

What happened to sign reading and a bit of common sense.......I sense a secret night trip to the cupboard with my reprogramming screwdriver and see how loudly TomTomMan shouts then - I yearn for the good old "read the bloody map yourself then" days!!!!


Jen 6:01 pm  

We had a Tomtom that was great in France last year and the year before but this year it died a few weeks before the holiday and we replaced it with a Garmin. It was useless! Kept trying to send us in very strange directions. Almost tempted to stand on it to justify buying a Tomtom again!

JennyMac 9:15 pm  

LOL...great post and oh, so true! TomTom alone makes me laugh.

Nicol 10:02 pm  

I have a Garmin for my car and my dh has a Tomtom. I can't tell you how many times his Tomtom takes us down dirt roads when there is a perfectly nice paved road next to is or close by. It never saves us time. On the other hand, I like my Garmin.

I normally only use the GPS when I heading to a place I've never been before. I don't want to get lost especially if I need to get there at a certain time. But I do find myself using it for everyday things like heading to the doctor. It's an hour drive and I love that it tell me my arrival time. This way I know if I truly have a bit of extra time or if I need to, um, drive a bit fast.

Working Mum 12:35 pm  

We are avoiding SatNav like the plague. I don't trust it, but I trust my eyes and a map. Alternatively, we could interact with people and just ask the way. Is that too old fashioned of me?

Stephanie 4:44 pm  

LOL I just wrote a post called The GPS (we call them global positioning systems) is making me stupid. I'll wait before I publish it now ha ha. But I so agree..what did we do before these little inventions!! Ooh yes, think for ourselves!

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