>>  Monday, July 27, 2009

If you had done this to a car in a car park would you wait for the car owner or at least leave a note with your name & number on?
I would have done, even knowing it would cost me money. The person that did this to our car didn't feel the same - ho hum.


Stephanie 9:44 pm  

Oh Boo!
I'm with you. I would have (and have) left a note:)
Guess you will have to trust karma will get their guilty soul!

Working Mum 8:20 pm  

I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't leave a note. (In fact I have waited and apologised and paid for repairs in the past) Unfortunately, other people don't feel the same. I've now given up sorting out scratches and bumps on my car and think of them as part of the character of my car. However, I am MAD AS HELL at whoever 'keyed' my husband's car while he was at the foootball.

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