La Ferme Du Pressoir, Bed & Breakfast, Normandy

>>  Monday, July 27, 2009

We stayed at this B&B July 2009. It was idyllic, high quality, very clean, very friendly and what a fantastic breakfast.

I would seriously recommend staying there.

The owner speaks very little English but I speak very little French and we got by OK.

My daughter is now 10. It is not a toddler proof place, but I would have taken her from a young age without too much stress but if you have "very excitable" youngsters you might struggle.

We collected chicken eggs, fed goats and petted foals but actually spent very little time on the farm part. The farm is seperated well from the B&B so whilst it is close you can still choose not to bother with it if you aren't interested in the animals. There was no noise from the farm that disturbed us.

It is 20 minutes from Bayeux and 1 hour from Mont St Michel.
(We drove into Bayeux at about 6:30pm, parked up, ate and drove back and daughter was in bed by 9:30pm)

It is 1 hour from Utah, 45 from Omaha, 30 from Aramanche. (Don't be fooled, this is a fair distance from the d-day beaches but the driving was easy and it caused us no issues.)

It is 45 minutes from Ouistreham car ferry.

I plan to go back very soon to do more d-day touring and I will stay at this B&B again.


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