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>>  Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remember this from Modern Mum. A fantastic day in a fabulous car. It brought me to today's thought:

On my theme of do something different, I decided to come clean and show you my car:

Not quite a mustang but certainly different, as I said in "Not 21 Today" I'm waiting for some more sagely moments to kick-in!

Honk if you see me!


Coding Mamma (Tasha) 10:35 am  

Very nice. My aunt recently bought a bright red car and is determined to turn it into a ladybird, by adding black spots.

Working Mum 2:57 pm  

It's fab! I would love to drive round in something different like that, but unfortunately it wouldn't last two minutes round Manchester before being vandalised (I know, I tried once, got sick of the paint job bills) so it's a little Polo for me!

The wife of bold 3:07 pm  

My sister would LOVE that car - very girlie, i'm a plain Jane though so only black and grey will do for me - i know sooo boring!

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