Do Something Different

>>  Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something that Guiding does teach us is individuality, that is it ok to be different, it is ok to have fun doing things that others may not enjoy, it is good to stand up in the world we are in and shout “I am me”.

If You Always Do What You've Always Done
You Will always Get What you've Always Got
If What You Get
Isn't What You Want

Over a cup of tea recently, I was bemoaning to a friend about somethings that have not gone exactly according to plan (don't get me started on the false eyelash debacle! I never was going to fit the Barbie mold) and she said - "well, you know, at least you are always prepared to give things a go, you've got to be proud of that" - Now that's the Guide in me!


Stephanie 4:47 am  

..always prepared to give things a go...That sounds about perfect:)

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