Who put me in Charge?

>>  Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why is hubby "helping me" with the washing/gardening/anything else in the house that needs doing? It doesn't belong to me!

Why do I have to decide what we are having to eat and hubby will sometimes "help me" to cook it?

Why do I have to provide a list if hubby goes shopping?

Why do I keep the social calendar?

Who put me in charge of the house/marriage?

Sometimes I want to be told what to do or what we are going to have, or even would like hubby to notice that it is broken/requires/attention/needs emptying without having to say "will you do that please"!!!!!

Actually I know why - I've just finished a book called The Lazy Husband by Joshua Coleman. It was really interesting and explains a lot about why I seem to have ownership of many things that I would prefer to be jointly responsible for!

My husband is NOT lazy, he works long hours and damned hard and will help at home (when asked) but I can see why we have the kind of relationship that we do when it comes to housekeeping.

Just occasionally I go on strike in my house-keeper role, the problem is it usually annoys and gets to me long before hubby has even noticed!!!! And here is the root of the problem - I care more about it - I guess it's a women's lot.

Still, it keeps me fit, busy and most of the time I enjoy it.


Jen 9:18 pm  

I don't enjoy it...I tolerate it. But DH pulls his weight.

Coding Mamma (Tasha) 9:26 pm  

Chris has explained to me that he is perfectly happy to do household things, but he needs to be asked/told. There are also things that he notices/cares about more and does first and, in the same way, has to ask me to do (e.g. he likes the dining room table to clear all the time; I have a tendency to pile it high with stuff). Over the last month or so he's taken on more and more of what were generally my household tasks, which is great. But it took him a while to realise that I needed help, because I never actually asked.

So, I think sometimes that can be our downfall. But it is strange/disappointing that so much of it does fall to us without any real consultation.

Stephanie 10:46 pm  

Have you been peeking in my windows? You are writing about me right? LOL I think this happens to SO SO many of us. Thanks for making me realize I am not alone!

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