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>>  Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bush Babies recently posted about city noise at 3am. I was considering this at 4:26 this morning as the dawn chorus started to hit its crescendo.

Question: is it any quieter in the country?

The birds, being the competitive little blighters that they are, want to be sure they can beat any low flying plane noise. One in particular seemed to be repeating the rift from "Just a day - Feeder" over and over again.

The sheep seem to have the need to chatter at the top of their voices all night during lambing, then it's the cow's turn. One particular cow near us keeps up a constant low for hours.

Early(ish) morning come the riders; horses hooves clattering on the bitumen roads.
But "the birds, the birds", I am becoming like Quasimodo.

Tonight earplugs at the ready!


Stephanie 1:31 am  

LOL I can only imagine what the birds must be like in the country. Sometimes I shush them here in the city! HA
The horses sound kind of lovely:)

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