5 Pet Hates

>>  Friday, June 12, 2009

I picked up an award from WAHM_BAM sometime again and I owe a 5 pet hates, it's taken me a while to think about it, with my list stuck at 4 for some time.

Eating Noises
I just can't stand people eating with their mouth open, smacking lips, slurping food off fork or spoon or swishing it around in their mouths. Sometimes I even manage to annoying myself. I find it sooooo irritating I think it must be a psychotic disorder rather than a pet hate.

Indirect Requests
My mother has a habit of saying "I've always wanted to ......" instead of "shall we...". My daughter will say "do you like ice-cream?" when she wants one. My husband will say "would you like a glass of wine?" when he wants one instead of just saying "I'm having a drink". It's like they are happier if I offer something rather than them asking for it directly. Which leads me to:

Who put me in charge?
This is an entire blog post - I'll put it up later.

It's cheaper NOT to be green
Why do 2 bottles of small fabric conditioner cost less than one big one? Salisbury's do it over and over again, put the smaller things on special making 2 cheaper than one big one. Double your packaging but save money. Why should I have to decide whether I care more about the planet than my pocket? It's not fair.

Negative Vibes
Is it so hard to look on the bright side. Rain means I won't have to water the garden and it might stop sometime soon. A work trip away offers lots of possibilities. Life is good (mostly). It might be ok, it could work - oh just damn smile will you.

So that's my lot!!!!!

Thanks for the award!


Stephanie 10:05 pm  

LOL Sorry to laugh out loud at your pet hates but I am so on board with all of them! Great list!

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