ToothBRUSH Fairy

>>  Saturday, June 20, 2009

The tooth-brush Fairy visits my house, she sweeps silently into hubby's bathroom and changes his toothbrush and he never notices.

She brings her friend the Loo-Roll Fairy. She throws away the cardboard tube left in the toilet and refills the new roll stack.

When they have finished playing the Fresh-Towel fairy pops in to say hello and she always brings with her the Plug-Hole-Cleaner Elf just in case.

I like all the little fairies that fly around my house doing silent jobs unnoticed already!!!

I just need to encourage a few more in.


Katherine 9:37 pm  

Strange that, they're frequent visitors to my house too! The bed changing fairy is a good friend as is the one who puts all the fresh laundry away! Where would we be without them?

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