Recycling is Hard

>>  Thursday, June 18, 2009

Strictly recently posted on recycling.

I thought about this, as I put my recycling pile "out"

Veg peelings, teabags, tissues etc go in the caddy

Before going to the compost

Paper Recycling will be collected by the council, but careful no shiny paper, that is dealt with seperately and no shredded paper (which I use for the Hamster and compost)

The Council green bins take garden stuff that doesn't go into compost (branches, weeds, grass cutting - if there are too many), grey cardboard and other cardboard if it is flattened.

Then there is the plastic that can go in the local plastic recycling bank, the plastics that have to go to a special bank at our nearest disposal site, and the tetra paks for the local bank.

The ebay pile

The "waiting for the next SallyArmy collection" pile

and not forgetting the semi buried leaf moulder!

I am lucky, I have plenty of room to allow me to do all this. Would I do it if I lived in a highrise block? NO I WOULD NOT! It's no wonder the landfills are filling so fast - it needs to be easier than this.


Stephanie 1:23 am  

You know your recycling is much more difficult then ours. All of ours (except food stuffs) just go into one big blue bin. The lovely recycling men come along with their truck, sort through it at the end of the drive, and then toss your bin about 100 yards. (often breaking said bin)

Jen 8:49 am  

I totally agree - though our recycling has just become much easier, just like ModernMom. I put all types of paper, card, plastic bottles, tins, glass and even tetrapaks into our blue lid bin. The left over food goes into the green bin along with grass and garden cuttings.
Both are collected on every 2nd Friday. Then the other Friday is the normal black bin, which we rarely fill now.
Plus charity shops clothing pile, plus books pile that I generally have to take TO the charity shops as they don't collect them. I don't ebay much, though I should.

Nicky 2:06 pm  

It does need to be easier, we have all the separate bins and baskets too, however I can't compost our kitchen waste as the compster is full!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) 10:06 pm  

We have limited collections - paper (no shinies or cardboard), glass bottles and jars, cans and plastic bottles (no other plastic). No cardboard, no tetra paks, no magazines or glossy flyers or telephone directories. And we don't drive, so can't take the other things down to the recycling places. Our area is going to run out of landfill in, I believe, two years at the current rate (so many people don't bother even with the stuff they collect, it shocks me) and they want to know what to do. These blue bins people have mentioned sound brilliant! Just collecting a bit more would be a start.

Nicol 5:46 am  

Sounds like a lot of work. In the city I lived in before moving out to a rural area, we had a great recycling program. We had a blue large can that we filled with all recycling except glass. That had to be taken in on it's own. I guess too many worker being cut by broken glass. We had a large black can that was collected once a week for the normal trash. Things we couldn't recycle or compost like diapers and such. I wish we had that in my new city, but considering this city is only 10 years old, many things are still in the process.

I do have a question, what is a leaf moulder? I've never heard of it.

AGuidingLife 2:19 pm  

Hi Nicol, collect your dead leaves, keep them in a plastic bag or similar over the winter and they turn into something ready straight away for putting back onto the garden rather than filling the compost with them. I'm going to get a "GreenCone" for food scraps I can't currently compost because it needs more heat. Like meat (chicken carcasses - yes I know I should be superwoman and make my own stock -but I don't!), meal left overs that don't get frozen - although we don't waste much - we enjoy our food!

Katherine 9:42 pm  

We seem to have a wealth of different bins too. I love you sally army pile, I have a similar one for my kids school collections which come around every so often. I also have a "junk modelling" area as my Y1 class love this activity as part of Friday golden time. All in all I seem to have little recycling piles all over the house.
Love the profile pic. My d#1 has just started Rainbows and she's LOVING it!

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