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>>  Sunday, June 21, 2009

I picked up a book today that I haven't browsed in a while, the Art of Possibility

There is a very short section on How can I make a contribution? It moved me away from measuring how much more I do around the house to a very different, much happier and content place in a page and a half.

If you haven't been introduced to Benjamin Zander - try this exert from TeachersTV, he is very up lifting and the part on downward spirals and what words to use is applicable to all parents and teachers.

"You should" is never going to get you very far, "How about" is likely to take you so much further.

I now give myself an A every year and I would like to thank Darren who took me to this place.

Today I stopped thinking in terms of what I do and moved into what I contribute and it is a fantastic place to be in again - 'HOW FASCINATING' that I moved out of it*

*watch the video and you will understand


Nicol 5:38 am  

I just watched the video and what a great speaker. My husband even came in to watch him! I will have to check out that book.

I totally believe that life is so much better if we are positive. Sometimes we need a reminder!

AGuidingLife 2:22 pm  

Hi (again!), the book isn't as good as the video, but parts of it are very good. I read it through a couple of times and now just dip into it when I feel my reserves are low.

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