Survival of the fittest?!

>>  Sunday, June 28, 2009

Triops have survived in this world for 200 million years.

Of the all the eggs that went in, only Cedric hatched, he lasted approximately 3 days.

He should have looked like this

He now looks like this:

I had watched the water for a while to be sure that Cedric had ceased to be, before giving him the appropriate water based funeral.
Daughter was not here to see his sad demise, I am not looking forward to explaining it tomorrow - I guess I will have the finger pointed at me - yes I know food is important for Triops too, but I got rather distracted - whoopsy.


Katherine 12:20 pm  

I've never heard of a Triop before (?!). I think I would've been a bit scared (he looks a bit buggish and I have HUGE bug phobia). Poor Cedric though...

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