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>>  Saturday, June 27, 2009

Every month I deliver about 150 copies of our local village magazine, so this is something that has been bothering me for a while.

Tonight, I delivered 31 letters for our local Guide Unit (a late notice event that the letters weren't available for at the last meeting).

A couple of the girls live in close by villages. The first I went to has about 200 houses on about 5 roads, not one of them has a house number! They are "little barn cottage", "big barn cottage", "haybarn cottage" ,"barn barn cottage" - you get the picture. I had to find Rose Cottage -amongst the tiny name plates quaintly hidden in the wisteria bushes.

So frustratedly I came to my own village where, being bigger, we sensibly have house numbers .....or so I you know how many people don't have their house number somewhere visible? LOTS!

So I'm driving along "22,24,26...hang on ....oh 34......42..damn needed 38" - yes I know it should be easy to count on but how about the road that went 32,34,56 - I needed number 50 but 34 went to 56 - the builders were having a laugh - it was tucked away in a cul-de-sac on the other side and was it called number 50?- nope ....HOLLY COTTAGE!!!!

I am amazed at how many letter boxes take on the jaws of animal traps or quite flatly refuse to open. So I am left with scathed knuckles or a crumpled letter part hanging out of the flap.

There also seems to be a large number of drives with more stones than Brighton beach, for every 2 steps forward you go one back in the inches of shingle lovingly laid.

It's made me look at my front door in a whole new light and I have an added respect for my daily Postie - what a difficult time they have!

So when was the last time you posted something through your own front door? Go on, post yourself a letter and see how hard it is.


The wife of bold 9:50 pm  

Gosh that sounds like a tricky one! I must say i agree with you about the builders - what are they thinking, many houses near to me jump from 12 to 45 and so on, very random and also very hard for the postie too!

Stephanie 6:56 pm  

Sounds like a difficult job, but an amazing place to live!

Working Mum 7:10 pm  

Our road jumps from 59 to 93. Why?

And I agree that people don't number their houses properly, I had problems finding a colleague's house last week because I didn't know which number I was up to on her road.

And as for no number at all.... well, it's either a hangover from when houses didn't need numbers, or pure affectation!

AGuidingLife 8:50 pm  

In that village it's puer affectation! I found one house with a number : 7. presumably because it's lucky. I think they do it because they don't have a windmill (lots of villages round here do!)

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