Niceness is Stinky

>>  Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I don't believe I'm alone in not liking some people. There is nothing wrong with them, they are probably normal people with good intentions like the rest of us, all the same I just don't gel with them for one reason or another.

The school gates seems to bring out the worst of my not-gel-ing-ness. There are a number of parents I just have a general feeling that I wouldn't choose them as my friends (they probably feel the same about me) and that's ok...

..but what I don't like is the nicey bit I feel obliged to do daily ...Smile..."Good Morning"...Smile..."Hello"...Smile...."How are you?"

What I am really really feeling is ....wince .."great I have to walk past you again, why do I time it so badly"...grimace...."no I'm not a yummy mummy but I don't want to be part of your small minded group anyway"....scowl..."why does your child keep upsetting my child quite so much?"...sneer..."At least I can park my little car sensibly, instead of abandoning a 4x4 monster truck somewhere near a kerb as close to the school gates as you can get"....

Niceness, smiling, social politeness as we roll along to school teaches our children a lot about pleasantry and general good behaviour but some mornings I think niceness is just stinky and I want to say what's brimming over inside

...thank you for are very kind....*wink*


The wife of bold 9:30 pm  

Does your child happen to attend the same school as my daughter as your morning niceties ritual bares a striking resemblence to mine! I will smile to myself tomorrow on the school run thinking of this post - thanks :)

Jen 9:11 am  

Blimey that sounds familiar.

Working Mum 7:12 pm  

I recognise a lot of what you said there; does your child go to my school? And why do those mums need 4x4's? To navigate the difficult terrain of suburban Manchester?

Coding Mamma (Tasha) 9:44 pm  

Someone parked completely on the pavement outside school the other day. And then proceeded to drive slowly along the pavement until she was right outside the gate. She was dropping off a bunch of craft stuff, not just a child, but, even so?! Driving along the pavement at drop-off time, really not a sensible idea!

Kzak 12:50 am  

I feel a bit the same about people who use the child parking bays at supermarkets. I have no objection to people who are elderly or have mobility problems but it annoyed me, the other day, when I saw a middle aged couple spring out of their 4x4 (more annoying because they tried to park over two bays, it was probably my grim looks that made them move over), grab some fast food and meander round the supermarket at leisure. To add insult to injury, some poor mum had to park some way away and cross a very busy car park with baby and toddler in tow. Grrrr...I did cast them a few scowls but they were oblivious; says it all really. My one minor victory was scowling at a young sports car driver who had parked his car in said bay, at least he had the decency to small step and all that ;-)

AGuidingLife 9:31 am  

Kzak : I once shouted after someone that had parked in a child bay as they left their car "excuse me, excuse me - you forgot your baby" - they looked sooooooooo embarrased!!! very funny :0)

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