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>>  Monday, June 08, 2009

It has always amazed me that from the moment I gave birth I was supposed to have suddenly gained new skills.

There is the obvious: how to care for a baby, survive on no sleep, become dieter extraordinaire.
But there are the less obvious:
Party organiser -"It must be as good as little Jonny's party!"
Home teacher -"that's not the way we were shown at school mummy"
Playdate peace negotiator - "please play nicely, I can't send you home until 4pm!"
THE negiotiator - "yes you need to wear clothes to nursery darling, if you put them on for me...."
Fountain of all knowledge - "why is water wet?"
I'm sure the list is endless but my main bugbear is seamstress.
I hate sewing, I'm rubbish at it. I have made dance costumes, mouse tails, superman costumes for teddies, patched favourite trousers, put tucks in tops - but to be honest it's all pretty dire. But now she's moved on from Brownies, 38 yes 38 badges to be sewn onto the camp blanket.
Did I miss the mummy training course, did that happen at one of the few moments I managed to get some sleep?!! Sore fingers here we come.


Stephanie 5:15 am  

38??? Can't you just use some super glue? LOL

Jen 9:11 am  

LOL - that task awaits me too!

The wife of bold 7:07 pm  

Good luck - i must have skipped a few classes too, as sewing is beyond me and as for making costumes, well i just buy them saves loadsa headaches :)

Tim Atkinson 3:35 pm  

Couldn't knock up a quick fancy-dress outfit for Charlie, could you? Nothing fancy - he wants to be a fire engine...

Working Mum 9:39 pm  

Surely if she acquired 38 badges in Brownies she must have acquired one for sewing? (ie can't she sew them on herself? I speak from bitter experience of having sewn all my own badges onto my camp blanket as a child)

AGuidingLife 10:04 pm  

The dotterel: Fire Engine is easy - wrap a box up red : hole top and bottom and straps over the shoulders! works for all vehicular dressing up requirements

Working mum: That just hadn't crossed my mind, how dreadful that I hadn't considered it. I will tell her in the morning - you'll hear the shout of disaproval even up North. ;0)

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